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Do you find yourself struggling with the stairs in your home or avoiding them all together? You can gain full, safe access to your home with stair lifts. A stair lift provides effortless and safe transitions between the different floors of your home. It also reduces wear and tear on your knees, ankles, and hips while lessening limitations caused by arthritis and muscular disease. It helps prevent falls, which are the #1 cause of injury in the home.

With both curved and straight units available, Lambert’s can accommodate your home requirements and provide you with a stylish, reliable lift to help you confidently increase your mobility and fully utilize every level of your home.

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Since each stair lift is custom made to fit a stairwell, Lambert’s first sends a trained technician to your home to conduct an assessment. Factors like the length and width of your staircase, its rise and tread, lift position (right/left), and outlet requirements are some of the elements the technicians look at during this process to ensure that your model fits seamlessly into your space. This home evaluation is free for Knox County residents.

Installation & Support

After measurements are taken and the order placed for your customized stair lift, Lambert’s will set up an appointment convenient for you to complete the installation process. A team of experienced, trained Lambert’s technicians will install your stair lift in less than one day, and the unit will be fully operational and ready for use.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a permit to have a stair lift installed?

Private residences in Tennessee do not need a permit.

What loans and financial assistance is available?

Lambert’s now has financing available through Carecredit with same-as-cash options available for qualifying buyers.

Your CareCredit health, wellness and personal care credit card makes it easy to get the home medical equipment you want or need. Our special financing options help fit expenses within your budget.* Find out more info about Carecredit.

Several resources may be available to you depending on your need, location, age, and financial status. Below are a list of agencies, banks, and other financial institutions that may be able to offer assistance:

What if the power goes out?

All of Lambert’s stairlifts are battery operated that are re-charged when left at the charging station. This ensures that you can still safely travel up and down your stairs without power for a limited number of trips. Your stair lift will give audible and visual signals to alert you of it not being in a charging station; by keeping it at the station when not in use, the battery will be functional and still safely transport you from one level to another.

Do I need to do anything special to prepare my home for a stair lift?

Occasionally, an electrical outlet will need to be installed if there is not one available nearby. Other obstacles, like a handrail or furniture immediately next to the base/top of a staircase, will need to be removed as well. However, your Lambert’s technician will assess all of these things and let you know what needs to be done, if anything, prior to the installation date of your stair lift.

Can a wheelchair-bound person use a stair lift?

Stairlifts are designed with mobility-challenged users in mind; therefore most people using a wheelchair can still safely use a stair lift. One key area to address is how the user will be transported from a wheelchair to the lift seat. Also, will there be a wheelchair for use in each level of the home? Will someone transport the wheelchair up and down for the user? If the user has a caregiver, involve him/her as you discuss your options.

What are the key safety features?

Handicare Stairlifts have several core safety features that come standard with each model. They include a safety belt to be used while operating, safety sensors that detect obstacles along the stairway, a toggle control that only allows for the lift to move up/down with a constant, light pressure from the user, a diagnostic display of the unit to monitor the status of the unit, and a key switch to allow you to disable the lift and prevent unauthorized use.

Can stair lifts accommodate any user weight?

Stair lifts have a maximum weight capacity between 250 and 300 pounds, depending on the unit. Heavy Duty Kits are available for some units, which increase the maximum weight capacity to 350 pounds.

Are stair lifts easy to care for?

Yes, stair lifts require little maintenance to keep them going for years. You will want to keep the seat and track clear of debris and dust that could clog mechanisms.

How much space does a stair lift use?

When folded, Handicare Stairlift models take up approximately 16 inches.

Will others still be able to use the stairs?

Yes, since the stair lift footrest, arms, and seat fold up to be compact when not in use. This feature minimizes the amount of space occupied by the lift and allows for safe passage by others when not in use.

Why shouldn't I buy a stair lift off of the Internet since they are often cheaper?

The cost on an Internet stairlift is only for the unit, and excludes installation costs of having to do it yourself or hire a third party to do it for you. It may be a risky trade-off since you forego any labor warranty and can often get an inferior product. Further, with Lambert’s, you have the option of coming into either our North Knoxville location on Broadway Street or our West Knoxville location in Turkey Creek on Turkey Drive to see and try out our demo model to ensure that this is something you understand and are comfortable using prior to making a purchase. Most of the reputable manufacturers only sell through qualified dealers like Lamberts to ensure that the end-user is taken care of and has a quality installation to maximize safety.

What do stair lifts cost?

The prices range depending on several factors, including the model chosen, additional features added, upgraded fabrics, the stairwell (straight/curved/landings), and more. When you meet with our trained technicians for a free in-home evaluation, we can discuss your needs and look at options that best suit your home and financial situation. Schedule your FREE Estimate today!