Corporate Programs

Create a professional look for your office with stylish uniforms from your favorite brands. Lambert’s has the uniforms, shoes, and accessories you need for your group to look their best. You can choose payroll deduction and/or charge account options for your group, receive special pricing on qualifying orders, and have the satisfaction that Lambert’s knowledgeable sales team helps them look and feel their best.

No matter your group’s size, we have a program that can accommodate your needs. Hundreds of physician offices utilize Lambert’s corporate programs. We cater to large commercial accounts, federal and local government accounts, as well as local small physician offices in rule markets. We specialize not only in medical apparel but also in food services, hotel motel, and corporate business accounts. Whether it’s an office of 5 or an entire hospital system, Lambert’s has a program that can accommodate your needs and provide excellent support and service.

Charge Accounts

Lambert’s has experience and skill servicing large federal, state, and local uniform accounts with a great variety of payment arrangements including payroll deduction accounts, grants, vouchers, group gift card sales, and traditional commercial charge account.

Payroll Deduction

Lambert’s enables your staff to shop with ease in our stores through a payroll deduction program. This program is available in several ways, including: traditional charge accounts for offices providing payroll deduction benefits, corporate programs using Lambert’s gift cards, and payroll deduction arrangements utilizing our online shopping web site. For more information on this program or to schedule a demonstration of how this would work for your group, please contact us.

Web Orders

Lambert’s can easily accommodate corporate purchases near and far through our online shopping site. Depending on your group’s needs, we can create a customized portal for your staff to log in and place individual and office orders at specialty pricing exclusively available to your group. This will ensure that your staff orders within any parameters you set up (style, color, etc) while benefitting from the customized pricing for your group. In addition to having the ability for your staff to make purchases at special prices, you may also elect to have an office charge account and/or payroll deduction account set up through your portal. For additional information on Web orders and how we can accommodate your group, please contact us.