The Heart of St Patrick

March 14th, 2013 by @lamberts

Homecare Advocate readers, we are pleased to bring you our very first post by guest blogger, Kate Damron.  She is part of our customer service team at our north Knoxville store, and she has a real heart for helping people.  Read on as she explains how the act of caregiving embodies the essence of Saint Patrick.

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Homecare Advocate Blog: The Heart of St Patrick

Yes, yes.  We all know we have to wear green on St. Patty’s Day to avoid being pinched. Shamrocks and tall green hats are shamelessly flaunted.  Some people use the day as a chance to go to an Irish pub to celebrate.  Stores observe the holiday with discounts on St. Patrick’s related items and fun promotions for all things green.

As we celebrate, let’s make it even more meaningful by remembering why Saint Patrick’s day is a holiday at all.

The Britain-born youth was captured at 16 in the late fourth century by raiders and sold as a slave in Ireland to a Druid high priest.  During the six years he spent in captivity as a shepherd, he grew stronger in his faith.  Eventually, he escaped and was reconnected with his family in Britain at about age 24.  Then, he felt God calling him back to minister to the people of Ireland.  He become a priest and returned to Ireland after only a few years.

Patrick is reckoned to have had an enormous impact on the conversion of many Irish from Druidism to Christianity and in organizing church leadership.  He also founded several monasteries.  Many of the symbols we see today including the shamrock and the Celtic cross are the result of syncretism as St. Patrick endeavored to help the Irish transition from pagan rituals to Christianity.  The shamrock we see everywhere is legendary for St. Patrick’s use of it to illustrate the Trinity.

It is an encouragement to remember that we celebrate this holiday because of the love that one man had even for a people that had enslaved him. So much so, that after he gained freedom, he studied to become a priest in order to return to that same people and change their hearts so they could experience freedom. His hard work and efforts profoundly changed the culture in tangible ways that we still see today!

As we care for our loved ones, we have the advantage of serving them out of love and out of a mutually meaningful relationship. The road may not be easy, but it is worth it when we see the joy in their eyes as they greet the ones they love each day and as they gaze upon the homes they have lived in so many years. The life they live at home does give them so much more freedom to continue to enjoy a good life and to impact the lives of others themselves. Sometimes, it may be easy to think that we don’t make a difference, but giving loved ones as much independence and dignity as we can is immeasurable and makes a difference in the lives of individuals and in our culture.  Thank you for your dedication and hard work as you take care of your loved ones.

:: Kate Damron ::

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