Thanks for Helping Homecare

November 30th, 2011 by @lamberts

We’re at the end of Homecare & Family Caregivers Month, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our patients, industry colleagues, and friends who have participated in raising awareness of homecare and the caregivers who make this all possible.

It’s a privilege to get to work in a rewarding industry that touches people’s lives in such a personal and meaningful way.  Though November may be soon over, we should continue the celebration and acknowledgement of how homecare helps people live independently in their homes, with their families, connected to the community, and with a higher quality of life.

I’ll continue collecting stories from our Homecare Advocate readers over the next several months on how homecare, medical equipment, and/or caregivers have made an impact on their lives.   Millions of people are impacted each day by homecare, and everyone has a unique story to tell.  Let us be the vehicle to have your voice heard.  Please send us your story by e-mailing it to advocate(at)

Next up, our December focus on how to be Home for the Holidays. Send us your questions on traveling, preparing temporary spaces for disabled guests, great gifts for grandparents, and anything else you have coming up.  If we select your question to expand on for one of our December posts, we’ll mail you a $5 Lambert’s gift card!


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