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Retirement isn’t about sitting in the recliner watching game shows with the window shades drawn. For many, it’s the time to DO THINGS they’ve been waiting their whole lives for. They spent the first part working hard, saving, and building towards retirement. Now they can pick up a new hobby, travel, spend time with loved ones, and create. Traveling as a senior may be different than traveling as a 20-year old, but it can be just as fulfilling and rewarding. Read tips for traveling with seniors on our latest Homecare Advocate blog post!

Harvard, NPR, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation joined together to poll over 1200 pre-retirees and retirees about key areas of retirement life, including finances, health, institutional care, and more. The results? A large disconnect between those anticipating retirement and those already there. Whether one chalks it up to generational differences of the boomer population or any number of other circumstances, one thing is for sure. We need to have a real and honest conversation about what our needs are, what they will be, and what resources will be needed to take care of ourselves.