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We all know that the Competitive Bidding Program for Home Medical Equipment is flawed and unsustainable. Congress heard your cries to repeal this disastrous program, and they asked, “But what shall we replace it with?” After careful collaboration between expert auction designers, the HME Industry, and beneficiaries, an efficient, effective auction program has been developed that will repeal Competitive Bidding and replace it with the Market Pricing Program. This program brings real, sustainable savings through market-driven competition for medical equipment while protecting beneficiaries.

Learn about the Market Pricing Program and its legislative bill, HR 6490.

We’re halfway through our Home Safety Series at Homecare Advocate. Today, learn about universal design in the bathroom to create a safe and stylish bathing experience.

Learn about Medicare’s requirements for seat lift chairs, including: qualifying conditions, coverage & cost, co-pays, and customizable options.