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Last week, the government announced a new demonstration project that evaluates the benefits of home-based care. 10,000 Medicare patients can participate in this 3-year program if they have certain qualifying conditions and receive care by an enrolled practicing provider. Learn about this program, spearheaded by CMS Acting Administrator Marilyn Tavenner.

Ms. Tavenner has a medical background where she has seen first-hand the benefits of homecare. She says, “This program gives new life to the old practices of house calls, but with 21st Century technology and a team approach… In my days as a practicing nurse, I saw many patients whose health improved when they were happier with their living conditions. When a critically-ill patient can remain in familiar surroundings, the benefits are many: the person retains greater control over their daily lives, families and caregiver report greater satisfaction with the care, and unnecessary hospitalizations are avoided.”