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  Home staircases can be a challenge if you have mobility issues. If you live in a multi-level home, it may be hard for you to navigate your steps safely and confidently to access your entire home. Mobility issues, the side effects of medication and vision problems can increase one’s risk of falling, especially as […]

It’s Homecare Month and National Family Caregiver’s Month! This November, we’re giving THANKS for the people, products, and services that help you live at home. Today we’ll give a brief overview of what homecare is and the important role of family caregivers.

We have a special treat for our Homecare Advocate readers today! Elizabeth Hogue, an attorney who specializes in home care law, has written an informative piece that addresses the role of the family caregiver when a loved one opts for homecare instead of institutional care. She agreed to share this with our Homecare Advocate readers, which provides great insight on the responsibilities of the caregiver while the patient receives intermittent care at home.

Last week we had the privilege of meeting with one of Tennessee’s vocal homecare champions, Representative Marsha Blackburn. She wholeheartedly advocates for patient choice and continues to work diligently to repeal the problematic “Competitive Bidding” Program. As the elections draw near, do you know where your candidates stand concerning homecare issues?

Learn about Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee’s 7th District and how she fights for patients and your homecare benefits.

Today our country honors a great man who rose to the challenges of his time and changed the course of a nation. We’ll explore how Homecare Advocates are harvested through MLK Jr’s philosophies.

Last week, the government announced a new demonstration project that evaluates the benefits of home-based care. 10,000 Medicare patients can participate in this 3-year program if they have certain qualifying conditions and receive care by an enrolled practicing provider. Learn about this program, spearheaded by CMS Acting Administrator Marilyn Tavenner.

Ms. Tavenner has a medical background where she has seen first-hand the benefits of homecare. She says, “This program gives new life to the old practices of house calls, but with 21st Century technology and a team approach… In my days as a practicing nurse, I saw many patients whose health improved when they were happier with their living conditions. When a critically-ill patient can remain in familiar surroundings, the benefits are many: the person retains greater control over their daily lives, families and caregiver report greater satisfaction with the care, and unnecessary hospitalizations are avoided.”

An attitude of gratitude makes this world a better place. No matter the challenges we face, there are always things to be thankful for. We’ve listed 45 things that people affected by homecare can be thankful for this Thanksgiving and welcome you to add your own.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Read this powerful joint letter from leading disability groups requesting that the Super Committee not cut homecare benefits to Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries.

Did you know that 1 in every 4 Americans is providing unpaid care for a friend or family member who is disabled, aged, or ill? These people, called informal family caregivers, do our country a great service and provide an estimated $306 billion of free care each year, saving our Medicare and Medicaid systems tremendously. They are motivated out of love, duty, and responsibility, but the stress can leave them feeling isolated, trapped, and even depressed if they don’t learn how to manage their responsibilities. “Caregiver Burnout” is a significant issue many caregivers struggle with. We need to combat this by caring for the caregiver!

Read the latest Homecare Advocate Post for 7 ways to Care for the Caregivers.

Former Speaker of the House & Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich speaks highly of homecare, calling it a combination of compassion & efficiency.

We’re paying tribute to homecare and family caregivers all of November. Poet Henry Walker wrote this special tribute for Homecare Advocate describing his mother’s quality of life with homecare services. We’re collecting stories all month long from our readers and will feature some in the upcoming Faces of Homecare segments. We appreciate Henry sending this in and hope you enjoy.

Welcome to our favorite time of year when we celebrate Homecare Month & Family Caregivers Month. November is a very special time for us at Lambert’s where we honor all of those who make homecare possible for individuals and families across our nation.

Visit our latest post for a truly inspirational video on homecare featuring the song “Home” by Daughtry.

Harvard, NPR, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation joined together to poll over 1200 pre-retirees and retirees about key areas of retirement life, including finances, health, institutional care, and more. The results? A large disconnect between those anticipating retirement and those already there. Whether one chalks it up to generational differences of the boomer population or any number of other circumstances, one thing is for sure. We need to have a real and honest conversation about what our needs are, what they will be, and what resources will be needed to take care of ourselves.

The government is rolling out a controversial program that restricts the autonomy of Medicare recipients to receive quality care from their chosen HME company. This program is fraught with serious and consequential problems that will wreak havoc on elderly and disabled Americans and small businesses like Lambert’s throughout our great country. The controversy over this program is growing, and on Friday, CMS announced that all 4 of Tennessee’s major cities and surrounding towns will be on the chopping block in early 2013. This will affect all of Lambert’s patients living in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Maryville/Alcoa, Oak Ridge, Powell, Clinton, Loudon, Townsend, Corryton, and 17 other cities close by. Click the link below to learn more about this program and how it will impact you.

On Thursday, I drove out to middle Tennessee to meet with Senator Alexander’s Health Legislative Aide, Nick. We have taken trips each year to Washington DC to meet with Nick and other offices of our elected officials from Tennessee to talk about homecare and home medical equipment (HME), but this was Nick’s first experience coming to tour a HME company and get first-hand experience on the daily operations.

As a homecare beneficiary, you play an important role in these facility tours, as you are the WHY we do what we do. Meet two patients who got involved and helped make a difference.

Serious changes are in the works to make our country fiscally solvent. As the government looks to Medicare & Medicaid for cuts, how does that affect you?

What happens when words are no longer words? When language bears no meaning, and everything is lost in translation? Over 5.4 million Americans are affected by Alzheimer’s. Here’s a glimpse of life with Alzheimer’s through a collection of poems by Henry Walker as he chronicles the struggles his mother, Jean, faces with the progression of the disease.

What if you were told you had 12 months to live? Learn about Tim, a 29 yr old musician diagnosed with ALS, & his friends who form “Often Awesome” to make a difference in Tim’s life and help him raise awareness of ALS. Special interview with Scott Avett from the Avett Brothers, courtsey of AllAcesMedia.

Reading “A Journey Through Fire: ALS-Memoir of a Caregiver” that chronicles the struggles & strength of Shirley & Bill as he battles Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Learn about ALS & how to get involved.

Meet Chris, 34-year old with cerebral palsy, who is fighting to live independently at home in spite of homecare cuts that may force him into a community home.