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  Home staircases can be a challenge if you have mobility issues. If you live in a multi-level home, it may be hard for you to navigate your steps safely and confidently to access your entire home. Mobility issues, the side effects of medication and vision problems can increase one’s risk of falling, especially as […]

Don’t let the social stigma of incontinence prevent you from seeking help and getting the supplies you need to address it head on. We hear sad stories from customers whose loved ones essentially stopped leaving the house for fear of leaks and embarrassment. With the right products, you can maintain your daily activities with confidence and get back to doing what you love—like traveling and having a hearty laugh with friends. Here are 3 essential steps to overcoming incontinence insecurities.

Boomberg Government (the government arm of Business Week’s parent company) released a 26 page study on “Competitive Bidding” for Home Medical Equipment & raises some serious questions about the program’s viability.

Learn about Medicare’s requirements for seat lift chairs, including: qualifying conditions, coverage & cost, co-pays, and customizable options.

We’re traveling to Washington DC to speak with our elected representatives about homecare issues. Hundreds of homecare advocates from across the country will be flying in to attend a national legislative conference that focuses on ensuring that Medicare beneficiaries have access to quality home medical equipment (HME) and services.

However; we need your help! While not everyone can fly to Washington to speak out, you can make a difference from home. I urge you to contact your senators and Member of Congress and ask for a repeal of the Competitive Bidding Program and support of the Market Pricing Program. Read the latest Homecare Advocate post for talking points and a link that lets you send an e-mail to your elected officials in two easy steps.

Innovation is a key component of health care, but the federal auction program for HME will stifle research & development by an est $50 billion. Forbes Magazine forewarns “shortages of critical medical equipment — and future patients will be deprived of the next generation of cutting-edge healthcare tools” unless this program is stopped.

Today Homecare Advocate investigates the question, Can we survive on old technology? Read to find out more.

Read this powerful joint letter from leading disability groups requesting that the Super Committee not cut homecare benefits to Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries.

Everyone knows about Black Friday and most are familiar with Cyber Monday. However, this leaves many local, independent businesses throughout the country in the shadows of these mega-giants as we kick off the holiday season. With the sagging economy, it is important that we recognize the importance of supporting these local businesses for our health and wellness care. Last year began a movement that recognized the importance of local businesses, and now each Saturday after Thanksgiving, “Small Business Saturday” occurs where shoppers can “Buy Local” by supporting the local, small businesses in their community.

Learn about how when you obtain health care equipment and services from a small business, you support your local economy.

Homecare recipients and caregivers, mark your calendars to attend an important event 2 weeks from today, October 27th. This is the third annual Consumer Advocacy Day at Medtrade in Atlanta, Georgia that allows the public to come see new advancements in home medical technology and learn about how to deal with mobility, disease, and respiratory/sleep issues. Many also come to become more informed on government changes that affect your ability to have access to services and equipment by your trusted home medical equipment providers.

Homecare Advocate has been covering issues related to the controversial bidding program that will detrimentally affect seniors and destroy the homecare equipment supplier network throughout our country. Today, The Tennessean published an article highlighting concerns from the supplier community on their ability to withstand the low-ball bid pricing that occurs in this contentious program. 244 economists have weighed in on this program, predicting system-wide failure and unsustainable pricing that is manipulated by the government. End result? Bad policy for seniors and for the thousands of mom-and-pop homecare equipment supply companies throughout the country.

The government is rolling out a controversial program that restricts the autonomy of Medicare recipients to receive quality care from their chosen HME company. This program is fraught with serious and consequential problems that will wreak havoc on elderly and disabled Americans and small businesses like Lambert’s throughout our great country. The controversy over this program is growing, and on Friday, CMS announced that all 4 of Tennessee’s major cities and surrounding towns will be on the chopping block in early 2013. This will affect all of Lambert’s patients living in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Maryville/Alcoa, Oak Ridge, Powell, Clinton, Loudon, Townsend, Corryton, and 17 other cities close by. Click the link below to learn more about this program and how it will impact you.

14 million people suffer from lack of mobility, living in isolation and without hope. We are proud to partner with Wheels for the World, an outreach ministries of Joni & Friends, as our Lambert’s rehab specialist travels this week to Guatemala to help 200 children and adults receive appropriately-fitted wheelchairs and a new lease on life.

On Thursday, I drove out to middle Tennessee to meet with Senator Alexander’s Health Legislative Aide, Nick. We have taken trips each year to Washington DC to meet with Nick and other offices of our elected officials from Tennessee to talk about homecare and home medical equipment (HME), but this was Nick’s first experience coming to tour a HME company and get first-hand experience on the daily operations.

As a homecare beneficiary, you play an important role in these facility tours, as you are the WHY we do what we do. Meet two patients who got involved and helped make a difference.

Serious changes are in the works to make our country fiscally solvent. As the government looks to Medicare & Medicaid for cuts, how does that affect you?

Home Medical Equipment (HME) is medical equipment used in the home to assist people who are sick, injured, or disabled. Learn about the types of HME, where to get HME, & the dangerous effects of the Medicare program that jeopardizes patient access and quality care.

Meet Chris, 34-year old with cerebral palsy, who is fighting to live independently at home in spite of homecare cuts that may force him into a community home.

In  4th grade, I thought I was unstoppable at our school Field Day as I tore through the obstacle course going in and out, up and over, and wiggling my way through to the end.  Your home, my friends, should not be that obstacle course .  To minimize your risk of falling, you need to […]

This month’s theme: Fall Prevention in a 4-part series. This post is 5 Important Conversations You Need to Have with Your Physician. It covers previous falls, health conditions, medications, assistive devices, exercise.

Homecare enables people to remain in their homes, connected to the community, with their family and loved ones, & maintain a higher level of independence. Learn about different areas of homecare, including home health, medical equipment, hospice, and more…