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  Home staircases can be a challenge if you have mobility issues. If you live in a multi-level home, it may be hard for you to navigate your steps safely and confidently to access your entire home. Mobility issues, the side effects of medication and vision problems can increase one’s risk of falling, especially as […]

Two months after surgery, 91 yr old sits down with Homecare Advocate to tell about the trials and ultimate triumphs of having hip replacement surgery.

At last weekend’s Home Remodeling Show, Lambert’s addressed the 3 keys to creating an accessible home. Read this post to learn about involving your physician in fall prevention and removing the physical and psychological barriers that prevent you from living safely and independently in your home.

In our 4th & final post on the Fall Prevention series, we’ll explore how minerals, fruits, & vegetables are the superfoods that keep your bones & muscles strong.

In  4th grade, I thought I was unstoppable at our school Field Day as I tore through the obstacle course going in and out, up and over, and wiggling my way through to the end.  Your home, my friends, should not be that obstacle course .  To minimize your risk of falling, you need to […]

Exercise plays an important role in reducing falls & keeping you healthy and strong. Learn about Endurance, Strengthening, Stretching, & Balancing Exercises and their important benefits for your long-term well being.

This month’s theme: Fall Prevention in a 4-part series. This post is 5 Important Conversations You Need to Have with Your Physician. It covers previous falls, health conditions, medications, assistive devices, exercise.