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Boomberg Government (the government arm of Business Week’s parent company) released a 26 page study on “Competitive Bidding” for Home Medical Equipment & raises some serious questions about the program’s viability.

Last week, the government announced a new demonstration project that evaluates the benefits of home-based care. 10,000 Medicare patients can participate in this 3-year program if they have certain qualifying conditions and receive care by an enrolled practicing provider. Learn about this program, spearheaded by CMS Acting Administrator Marilyn Tavenner.

Ms. Tavenner has a medical background where she has seen first-hand the benefits of homecare. She says, “This program gives new life to the old practices of house calls, but with 21st Century technology and a team approach… In my days as a practicing nurse, I saw many patients whose health improved when they were happier with their living conditions. When a critically-ill patient can remain in familiar surroundings, the benefits are many: the person retains greater control over their daily lives, families and caregiver report greater satisfaction with the care, and unnecessary hospitalizations are avoided.”

Homecare Advocate has been covering issues related to the controversial bidding program that will detrimentally affect seniors and destroy the homecare equipment supplier network throughout our country. Today, The Tennessean published an article highlighting concerns from the supplier community on their ability to withstand the low-ball bid pricing that occurs in this contentious program. 244 economists have weighed in on this program, predicting system-wide failure and unsustainable pricing that is manipulated by the government. End result? Bad policy for seniors and for the thousands of mom-and-pop homecare equipment supply companies throughout the country.