Bathroom Safety

Over 1/3 of home falls happen in the bathroom. According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors and account for over $34 billion in direct health care costs. With bathroom safety items, you can greatly reduce your risk of falling and create a safe, accessible environment that enables you to bathe independently and with dignity.


Bath benches provide stability and prevent falls from occurring inside the bathtub. This is a great option for people concerned about slipping, stability, endurance, or maneuvering while bathing.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are a versatile safety tool that can be used anywhere throughout the bathroom to help prevent falls. They are commonly installed in the tub and near the toilet, but they can be used anywhere to provide more stability and support. [Safety guidelines recommend installing them into a wall stud.] Temporary suction grab bars are also available that are great for travel or temporary needs.

Elevated Toilet Seats

Available with and without side bars, elevated toilet seats reduce the distance that one has to sit down while toileting. They can be installed on top of your existing toilet while securing onto your unit to keep it secure.

Bathroom Accessories

These items are commonly used items to make bathing and toileting safer. Many are also helpful for being able to bathe oneself, thus protecting privacy, maintaining independence, and giving the individual a greater sense of dignity.