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  Home staircases can be a challenge if you have mobility issues. If you live in a multi-level home, it may be hard for you to navigate your steps safely and confidently to access your entire home. Mobility issues, the side effects of medication and vision problems can increase one’s risk of falling, especially as […]

Don’t let the social stigma of incontinence prevent you from seeking help and getting the supplies you need to address it head on. We hear sad stories from customers whose loved ones essentially stopped leaving the house for fear of leaks and embarrassment. With the right products, you can maintain your daily activities with confidence and get back to doing what you love—like traveling and having a hearty laugh with friends. Here are 3 essential steps to overcoming incontinence insecurities.

Today through Sunday is a very special time in Tennessee; it’s Tax Free Weekend! This holiday was established by the TN Dept of Revenue to help Tennesseans get back to school items and stimulate the economy. This weekend, you can get clothing, shoes, backpacks, and art supplies in Tennessee without paying tax. But did you know there are certain medial items that you don’t have to pay tax on in Tennessee? Learn more reading Homecare Advocate’s latest blog post!

We’re wrapping up our 3-part series on arthritis by focusing on helpful assistive devices for traveling or activities outside the house.

May is Arthritis Awareness Month, and Homecare Advocate is uncovering some great assistive devices that could benefit anyone with arthritis! We’re doing a 3-part series on these handy helpers. Last week we focused on getting up and going; this week is things you can use in your home.

Learn about Medicare’s requirements for seat lift chairs, including: qualifying conditions, coverage & cost, co-pays, and customizable options.

Spring is in the air! Over the course of the past 10 days, our hometown has gone from highs in the low 40’s to now the upper 70’s, trees are in bloom, and lawns are getting their first haircut of 2012. Many tackle their annual Spring Cleaning, which is our inspiration for this post. Homecare Advocate met with respiratory therapists and medical service technicians to bring you the Best Cleaning Instructions for Your Medical Equipment.

Within the past 10 days, the news reported 7 deaths and injuries of people who were smoking cigarettes while using oxygen. Here are 11 tips to staying safe using O2.