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Bryan Anderson refused to sit & let life pass him by after becoming a triple amputee in the Iraq War. Armed with 13 months of extensive rehab & a positive outlook on life, he has used adaptive technology to enable him to enjoy outdoor sports, appear in TV & movies, and work as the national spokesperson for Quantum Rehab.

Bryan, and others like him, use adaptive technology to lead full, healthy lives. Learn about the variety of products and programs available to help disabled individuals continue doing the things they love.

Two months after surgery, 91 yr old sits down with Homecare Advocate to tell about the trials and ultimate triumphs of having hip replacement surgery.

We’re paying tribute to homecare and family caregivers all of November. Poet Henry Walker wrote this special tribute for Homecare Advocate describing his mother’s quality of life with homecare services. We’re collecting stories all month long from our readers and will feature some in the upcoming Faces of Homecare segments. We appreciate Henry sending this in and hope you enjoy.

We each have the potential for greatness. We each have the ability to reach out and touch someone’s heart, to change someone’s life, to make this world a better place. Lambert’s rehab specialist, Rusty Beal, traveled to Guatemala to help with Wheels for the World by Joni and Friends last week and transformed the lives of 453 families through providing mobility assistance and spiritual hope. Read this latest post to hear his account of this amazing experience.

14 million people suffer from lack of mobility, living in isolation and without hope. We are proud to partner with Wheels for the World, an outreach ministries of Joni & Friends, as our Lambert’s rehab specialist travels this week to Guatemala to help 200 children and adults receive appropriately-fitted wheelchairs and a new lease on life.

What happens when words are no longer words? When language bears no meaning, and everything is lost in translation? Over 5.4 million Americans are affected by Alzheimer’s. Here’s a glimpse of life with Alzheimer’s through a collection of poems by Henry Walker as he chronicles the struggles his mother, Jean, faces with the progression of the disease.

What if you were told you had 12 months to live? Learn about Tim, a 29 yr old musician diagnosed with ALS, & his friends who form “Often Awesome” to make a difference in Tim’s life and help him raise awareness of ALS. Special interview with Scott Avett from the Avett Brothers, courtsey of AllAcesMedia.

Reading “A Journey Through Fire: ALS-Memoir of a Caregiver” that chronicles the struggles & strength of Shirley & Bill as he battles Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Learn about ALS & how to get involved.

Meet Chris, 34-year old with cerebral palsy, who is fighting to live independently at home in spite of homecare cuts that may force him into a community home.

Today we celebrate the life of a fascinating, vibrant woman who was able to live at home with dignity and a higher quality of life due to homecare services.