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Everyone knows about Black Friday and most are familiar with Cyber Monday. However, this leaves many local, independent businesses throughout the country in the shadows of these mega-giants as we kick off the holiday season. With the sagging economy, it is important that we recognize the importance of supporting these local businesses for our health and wellness care. Last year began a movement that recognized the importance of local businesses, and now each Saturday after Thanksgiving, “Small Business Saturday” occurs where shoppers can “Buy Local” by supporting the local, small businesses in their community.

Learn about how when you obtain health care equipment and services from a small business, you support your local economy.

Today is a very special day as we honor the service and sacrifice of our country’s veterans. For more than 200 years, these vets have selflessly served for the protection and betterment of our country. They deserve our respect, honor, recognition, and support. A few years ago, I came across an organization that helps pay tribute to the remaining WWII veterans and give them the homecoming they deserve.

Learn about this fascinating mission of HonorAir Knoxville as they take WWII and Korean War veterans from East Tennessee to the World War II Memorial in Washington DC. This memorial was built some 60 years after WWII ended, and for many of our veterans who served in WWII, this is their first time to see it. Upon their return trip home, they are flooded with family, friends, and members of the community who greet them at the airport and give them a welcoming they will never forget.

Welcome to our favorite time of year when we celebrate Homecare Month & Family Caregivers Month. November is a very special time for us at Lambert’s where we honor all of those who make homecare possible for individuals and families across our nation.

Visit our latest post for a truly inspirational video on homecare featuring the song “Home” by Daughtry.

Homecare recipients and caregivers, mark your calendars to attend an important event 2 weeks from today, October 27th. This is the third annual Consumer Advocacy Day at Medtrade in Atlanta, Georgia that allows the public to come see new advancements in home medical technology and learn about how to deal with mobility, disease, and respiratory/sleep issues. Many also come to become more informed on government changes that affect your ability to have access to services and equipment by your trusted home medical equipment providers.

Yesterday was National Grandparents Day, and I was fortunate to spend nearly a full day with each of my living grandparents. Both my mother’s dad (96 years) and my father’s mom (91 years) live with them, and my mom is a full-time caregiver. They bring a richness to our lives that can never be replaced, […]

This Labor Day weekend, we’re making a special tribute to the 14.3 million health care workers and 65 million caregivers. Thank you for all that you do!