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We all know that the Competitive Bidding Program for Home Medical Equipment is flawed and unsustainable. Congress heard your cries to repeal this disastrous program, and they asked, “But what shall we replace it with?” After careful collaboration between expert auction designers, the HME Industry, and beneficiaries, an efficient, effective auction program has been developed that will repeal Competitive Bidding and replace it with the Market Pricing Program. This program brings real, sustainable savings through market-driven competition for medical equipment while protecting beneficiaries.

Learn about the Market Pricing Program and its legislative bill, HR 6490.

Last week we had the privilege of meeting with one of Tennessee’s vocal homecare champions, Representative Marsha Blackburn. She wholeheartedly advocates for patient choice and continues to work diligently to repeal the problematic “Competitive Bidding” Program. As the elections draw near, do you know where your candidates stand concerning homecare issues?

Learn about Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee’s 7th District and how she fights for patients and your homecare benefits.

We traveled to DC in our latest efforts to replace the poorly designed “competitive bidding” program with the economist-backed Market Pricing Program. This new program will save taxpayers money while protecting patient choice and access to quality medical equipment from reputable suppliers. Learn details of MPP and how you can help protect your Medicare benefits!

Today our country honors a great man who rose to the challenges of his time and changed the course of a nation. We’ll explore how Homecare Advocates are harvested through MLK Jr’s philosophies.

On Thursday, I drove out to middle Tennessee to meet with Senator Alexander’s Health Legislative Aide, Nick. We have taken trips each year to Washington DC to meet with Nick and other offices of our elected officials from Tennessee to talk about homecare and home medical equipment (HME), but this was Nick’s first experience coming to tour a HME company and get first-hand experience on the daily operations.

As a homecare beneficiary, you play an important role in these facility tours, as you are the WHY we do what we do. Meet two patients who got involved and helped make a difference.

Washington is abuzz right now with the debt debate, health care reform, and many other serious, consequential issues. Unfortunately, when such major agendas preoccupy media and the leadership’s attention, smaller (but important) issues like homecare often don’t make it to the table for discussion.

It’s time we brought attention to this much needed segment of health care and made those in DC take note. Learn 3 simple actions you can take to take a stand and protect your homecare benefits.