The majority of today’s homes are not well suited to meet the needs of an aging population. By 2030, 20% of the US population will be over the age of 65–twice the number of seniors today.

People overwhelmingly want to remain in their homes as they get older, so we’re doing a 4-part series this month on aging in place and transforming your home to meet your changing needs.

We’re wrapping up our 3-part series on arthritis by focusing on helpful assistive devices for traveling or activities outside the house.

May is Arthritis Awareness Month, and Homecare Advocate is uncovering some great assistive devices that could benefit anyone with arthritis! We’re doing a 3-part series on these handy helpers. Last week we focused on getting up and going; this week is things you can use in your home.

A must-read for anyone dealing with the aging process: this letter is eloquently written from the perspective of an aging mother to her daughter about their experience with growing older. Very touching!

May is Arthritis Awareness Month in honor of the 46 million Americans who suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or any of the other 100 types of arthritis. At Homecare Advocate, we’ve uncovered some great assistive devices that could benefit anyone with arthritis, and we will be doing a 3-part series on these helpful devices over the next few weeks.

First up: Things that will help you get ready for the day!

Tired, aching legs, swelling, pain, or varicose veins? You’re not alone. The American College of Phlebology (ACP) estimates that more than 80 million Americans have varicose and spider veins and up to 55% of women may be affected during their lifetime. Additionally, approximately 5% of the population have chronic venous insufficiency.

Learn 3 Simple Steps for healthier legs that you can take without invasive treatment.

Those of us in the Tennessee Valley have a special appreciation for Earth Day as we are nestled at the base of the Smoky Mountains with access to lakes, rivers, and beautiful blooms. Here are our Top 10 Senior-Friendly Nature Spots in and around Knoxville that you can enjoy this weekend, compliments of Mother Earth & her helpers who preserve its beauty.

10. Norris Lake
With over 700 miles of shoreline, Norris Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in North America and is…

Read Homecare Advocate for the full post!

Lao Tzu wisely said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. As we celebrate National Public Health Week, Homecare Advocate is outlining 7 steps you can take to begin your journey to a life of health and wellness.

Bryan Anderson refused to sit & let life pass him by after becoming a triple amputee in the Iraq War. Armed with 13 months of extensive rehab & a positive outlook on life, he has used adaptive technology to enable him to enjoy outdoor sports, appear in TV & movies, and work as the national spokesperson for Quantum Rehab.

Bryan, and others like him, use adaptive technology to lead full, healthy lives. Learn about the variety of products and programs available to help disabled individuals continue doing the things they love.

Learn about Medicare’s requirements for seat lift chairs, including: qualifying conditions, coverage & cost, co-pays, and customizable options.

Spring is in the air! Over the course of the past 10 days, our hometown has gone from highs in the low 40’s to now the upper 70’s, trees are in bloom, and lawns are getting their first haircut of 2012. Many tackle their annual Spring Cleaning, which is our inspiration for this post. Homecare Advocate met with respiratory therapists and medical service technicians to bring you the Best Cleaning Instructions for Your Medical Equipment.

How is the most preventable, curable cancer also the second leading cause of death of all of the cancers in the US? In celebration of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Homecare Advocate is looking at 5 commonly asked questions about the #2 killer.

Learn about its symptoms, risk factors, screening options, and tips for having a colonoscopy. Ask Katie Couric eloquently stated, “Don’t (literally) die of embarrassment”–get over it; get screened! Regular screening can save your life and should begin at least by age 50. Learn more on Homecare Advocate.

As we celebrate Rare Disease Day, get educated, empowered, and emboldened to make a difference.

1 in 10 Americans are affected by a rare disease, yet they often feel isolated in their struggles with few resources & limited medical knowledge. Meet one family who is sharing what many facing rare diseases experience and their determination to save their child.

We each have the opportunity to make an impact; learn how on Homecare Advocate.

We traveled to DC in our latest efforts to replace the poorly designed “competitive bidding” program with the economist-backed Market Pricing Program. This new program will save taxpayers money while protecting patient choice and access to quality medical equipment from reputable suppliers. Learn details of MPP and how you can help protect your Medicare benefits!

What is better in this world than having special people who lift us up, make us laugh, comfort us when we cry, and love us through it all? These are important people indeed, and Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to take pause to celebrate them and what they mean to us. Multiply that love even further by reaching out to the elderly in your community with these simple, thoughtful ideas. Plus, videos from Chet Baker, Billie Holiday, and more!

We’re traveling to Washington DC to speak with our elected representatives about homecare issues. Hundreds of homecare advocates from across the country will be flying in to attend a national legislative conference that focuses on ensuring that Medicare beneficiaries have access to quality home medical equipment (HME) and services.

However; we need your help! While not everyone can fly to Washington to speak out, you can make a difference from home. I urge you to contact your senators and Member of Congress and ask for a repeal of the Competitive Bidding Program and support of the Market Pricing Program. Read the latest Homecare Advocate post for talking points and a link that lets you send an e-mail to your elected officials in two easy steps.

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter; cardiovascular disease is a widespread epidemic in the United States, affecting 1 in 3 people. Learn how to show your heart some love with 5 Steps to a Healthy Heart.

Learn about a partial vs total hip replacement, the two surgical methods of a hip replacement surgery, the benefits and risks, and 15 Do’s & Don’ts following surgery.

Two months after surgery, 91 yr old sits down with Homecare Advocate to tell about the trials and ultimate triumphs of having hip replacement surgery.

Today our country honors a great man who rose to the challenges of his time and changed the course of a nation. We’ll explore how Homecare Advocates are harvested through MLK Jr’s philosophies.