What’s better than shopping online? Having a personal shopper helping you find what you need at Lambert’s, in real-time! Your Lambert’s personal shopper can: Hand-pick items best for you Confirm our inventory and fastest availability Explain product details and send photos Process your order and payment Offer shipping to your home, delivery to your healthcare […]

Most people who have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea already use a CPAP machine at home every night, but when they are heading out on vacation or to travel for work the thought of taking their CPAP on their trip can be daunting. To avoid the temptation to discontinue CPAP therapy while travelling, many […]

  Home staircases can be a challenge if you have mobility issues. If you live in a multi-level home, it may be hard for you to navigate your steps safely and confidently to access your entire home. Mobility issues, the side effects of medication and vision problems can increase one’s risk of falling, especially as […]

If the interstate traffic is any indication, people are well on their way towards their Thanksgiving activities. While we’re bumper to bumper today, tomorrow gives us reprieve from everyday struggles. Thanksgiving is the time of year where all of the admittedly difficult, bad, and unjust things are consciously put aside as we focus on the Good.

Thanksgiving is quite possibly my favorite holiday of the year. It’s easy to lose ourselves in the everyday shuffle of life and lose perspective. Homecare can be a difficult journey, and often one we seemingly face alone. We brave the edges of the map, wondering what to do next or if we can give enough. It’s easy to be consumed by the trails and hurdles. However, I think back to a lesson I learned in high school that transformed the way I view the world.

Don’t let the social stigma of incontinence prevent you from seeking help and getting the supplies you need to address it head on. We hear sad stories from customers whose loved ones essentially stopped leaving the house for fear of leaks and embarrassment. With the right products, you can maintain your daily activities with confidence and get back to doing what you love—like traveling and having a hearty laugh with friends. Here are 3 essential steps to overcoming incontinence insecurities.

Admittedly, we lead busy, chaotic lives, and it’s easy to let everyday stressers overshadow all we have to be grateful for. There is so much we take for granted in our everyday existence. I want to practice mindfulness. Gratitude. Grace. If I am to see the good in the world, I must be the good in the world. Here are 5 ways to Be the Good in your everyday life.

Most caregivers began helping when seeing the unmet needs of a loved one. Responsibilities increase with passing time. Inevitably, a day will come. As you will lay awake in bed, thinking about the To Dos and Could Haves and What Ifs for your loved one, and a troubling question comes to mind: Can I give enough?

Homecare Advocate readers, we are pleased to bring you our very first post by guest blogger, Kate Damron. She is part of our customer service team at our north Knoxville store, and she has a real heart for helping people. Read on as she explains how the act of caregiving embodies the essence of Saint Patrick.

We danced the night away at the Snowflake Ball & Silent Auction benefit for the Senior Companion Program! Lambert’s is on the program’s Advisory Board and chaired this year’s Silent Auction. We are thrilled to report a record-breaking $9,603 raised at this year’s fundraiser!

See photos & learn more about this great program that helps Knox Co seniors.

Today is a special day where we pay our respects to one of the great leaders and defining contributors to American history, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He stood for equality, compassion, nonviolent activism, and holding stead-fast to your principles. As we celebrate him today, read on for 5 ways that you can honor him and his legacy as it relates to the elderly.

As our Homecare Advocate readers know, Joni & Friends is near and dear to our heart at Lambert’s. We participate in Joni & Friends activities and mission trips, and we recently sent our ATP Wheelchair Specialist to Guatemala to assist in distributing appropriately fit wheelchairs to those in need via their Wheels for the World program.

When we came across this moving letter written by Joni’s husband, Ken, on the secrets of being a good caregiver, we knew we had to share it with you. He titles this open letter, “Caregiving: A Cause for Christ”. Visit our blog for the full open letter; you won’t be disappointed.

We all know that the Competitive Bidding Program for Home Medical Equipment is flawed and unsustainable. Congress heard your cries to repeal this disastrous program, and they asked, “But what shall we replace it with?” After careful collaboration between expert auction designers, the HME Industry, and beneficiaries, an efficient, effective auction program has been developed that will repeal Competitive Bidding and replace it with the Market Pricing Program. This program brings real, sustainable savings through market-driven competition for medical equipment while protecting beneficiaries.

Learn about the Market Pricing Program and its legislative bill, HR 6490.

November is National Family Caregivers Month, and we couldn’t be more proud of the selfless men and women who devote their lives caring for family members and loved ones. Most caregivers can tell you, caregiving is not for the faint of heart. Caregiving is a demanding job even in the best of circumstances. A common question we hear is how a caregiver can handle someone who has become defiant, confused, delusional, angry, or even abusive. Read on for tips and resources on how to deal with this type of behavior.

It’s Homecare Month and National Family Caregiver’s Month! This November, we’re giving THANKS for the people, products, and services that help you live at home. Today we’ll give a brief overview of what homecare is and the important role of family caregivers.

We have a special treat for our Homecare Advocate readers today! Elizabeth Hogue, an attorney who specializes in home care law, has written an informative piece that addresses the role of the family caregiver when a loved one opts for homecare instead of institutional care. She agreed to share this with our Homecare Advocate readers, which provides great insight on the responsibilities of the caregiver while the patient receives intermittent care at home.

Retirement isn’t about sitting in the recliner watching game shows with the window shades drawn. For many, it’s the time to DO THINGS they’ve been waiting their whole lives for. They spent the first part working hard, saving, and building towards retirement. Now they can pick up a new hobby, travel, spend time with loved ones, and create. Traveling as a senior may be different than traveling as a 20-year old, but it can be just as fulfilling and rewarding. Read tips for traveling with seniors on our latest Homecare Advocate blog post!

Do you have plans for celebrating Grandparents’ Day this Sunday? Here are 7 ways to have a safe, fun day out on the town with your grandparent!

Last week we had the privilege of meeting with one of Tennessee’s vocal homecare champions, Representative Marsha Blackburn. She wholeheartedly advocates for patient choice and continues to work diligently to repeal the problematic “Competitive Bidding” Program. As the elections draw near, do you know where your candidates stand concerning homecare issues?

Learn about Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee’s 7th District and how she fights for patients and your homecare benefits.

Today through Sunday is a very special time in Tennessee; it’s Tax Free Weekend! This holiday was established by the TN Dept of Revenue to help Tennesseans get back to school items and stimulate the economy. This weekend, you can get clothing, shoes, backpacks, and art supplies in Tennessee without paying tax. But did you know there are certain medial items that you don’t have to pay tax on in Tennessee? Learn more reading Homecare Advocate’s latest blog post!

Boomberg Government (the government arm of Business Week’s parent company) released a 26 page study on “Competitive Bidding” for Home Medical Equipment & raises some serious questions about the program’s viability.