Aging in Place: Stair Safety

June 29th, 2012 by @lamberts

Homecare Advocate Blog: Aging in Place, Stair SafetyIt’s been a great month focusing on home safety as we looked at kitchen and bathroom transformations that promote safer living and aging in place.  However, what about those stairs?  Split-level (or split-entry) homes, 2 story homes, and even basement ranchers require that stairs are a part of your daily life if you’re going to fully utilize the space in your house.

In places where suburban growth exploded in the 1960s-70s, new homes of that time were trending toward split-level homes.  In fact, MSN reports that upwards of 22% of new home builds of 1975 were split-level homes in certain parts of the country.  Years later, homeowners are stuck, trying to figure out how to deal with stairs at every turn.

Stair Solutions

You have options when trying to decide how to handle your stressing stair issue.  Of course you could stop using the portion of the house where stairs are the way in/out.  But that’s impractical for many people, particularly if main living spaces are on different floors.  No master on main?  Bye-bye bedroom access.  Garage a flight down?  Have fun hiking up the yard.

Don’t let stairs keep you down (or up).  Let’s deal with this safety and accessibility issue.

Stair Lifts: Believe it or not, stair lifts have been around since the 1920s–almost 100 years!  Nowadays, a stair lift can accommodate virtually any environment.  The technological advancements have enabled designs to now support straight staircases as well as platform, spiral, split, and even outdoor staircases.  After evaluating the top stair lift brands on the market, Lambert’s chose Sterling Stair Lifts as the best brand for Lambert’s customers due to its wide variety of customizable options, integrity, craftsmanship, and value for the money.

Another key benefit of stair lifts is that you do not have to modify your existing house structure.  They can be installed in less than one day by a professional, and should you no longer need it, they do not cause permanent damage to your existing floors or walls.  Carpet fibers mask the small holes of the track, and a touch of wood putty fixes hardwoods.  The major stair lift manufacturers on the market today all offer a compact folding seat so that others may still use the staircase with ease when the lift is not in use.

Homecare Advocate Blog: Aging in Place, Stair Safety

As with any purchase, learn about the brands and models and user reviews before making your decision. and ezine author Robin Cassidy review the Sterling Stair Lifts and cover its key benefits.  Reputable stair lift manufacturers will discourage you from purchasing lift chairs over the internet where you are stuck with the installation yourself.  In these scenarios, the cost of hiring an independent contractor to install them for you can more than eat up any original savings, and it may be a risky trade-off since you forgo any labor warranty and can often get an inferior product.

Lambert’s FAQ can answer many of your questions about stair lifts, including:

  • What if the power goes out?
  • Can a wheelchair-bound person use a stair lift?
  • What are the key safety features?
  • What is the weight capacity of a stair lift?

Watch the informative video below to learn more about how stair lifts work, even in power outages:


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