A Life Remembered

June 24th, 2011 by @lamberts

A Life Remembered: Ms. BeeToday we celebrate the life of a fascinating, vibrant woman who was able to live at home with dignity and a higher quality of life due to homecare services. “Ms. Bee” (name changed) was the kind of woman who put Life in living and seemed to magically energize a room with her presence.  She was bold, colorful, and passionate about her relationship with God.  The mother of several children, she taught me about how one can be a nurturing mother without giving up everything else that makes her, her.  She loved the arts and filled her home with treasured pieces from her world travels.  And that home was where she was able to stay as her health declined.

She was a blessed woman, fortunate to have supportive family who helped her maintain her independence at home by coordinating a caregiver to assist her, homecare equipment to help with mobility, and therapists and nurses to be sure she was well cared for as she entered into her final days.  Parkinson’s did not hold Ms. Bee back.  She challenged us to be real and lived with great grit and determination.  She taught the importance of community and was active in several non-profits and art groups as well as serving on the White House Commission on Aging.  Though disabled herself, she would call homebound friends to play hymns on the piano over the phone to them to lift their spirits.  Throughout the years of knowing her and witnessing her decline in health, one thing remained constant: her positive, humorous outlook on life and quest to help others see the hand of God in small, everyday things.   Her presence will be missed greatly, yet, as her loving nephew wrote in a poem dedicated to her, “The song of her life echoes in so many of us”.  A truly remarkable woman who left a rich legacy for us all.


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July 01, 2011 at 3:08 pm, Garth Culton said:

Excellent article, keep it up!


July 02, 2011 at 4:10 pm, Larry Tafuri said:

Fantastic article, continue the good work!


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