5 Ways a Stairlift Helps Ensure Safety in Your Home

January 14th, 2020 by @lamberts


Home staircases can be a challenge if you have mobility issues. If you live in a multi-level home, it may be hard for you to navigate your steps safely and confidently to access your entire home.

Mobility issues, the side effects of medication and vision problems can increase one’s risk of falling, especially as they navigate steps. In the United States, one out of four older adults will experience a fall this year. It’s reported that half of all homes in the U.S. have at least 1 staircase, in which a life-changing injury can happen at any time.

lady on stairlift in home riding up stair in stair chair


A Handicare Stairlift was designed to make the struggle of climbing a staircase a thing of the past, providing you with more independence to move around your home each day. With its state-of-the-art design, a stairlift will keep you or your loved one safe and sound thanks to its industry-leading safety features:

  1. Patented multi-drive technology – The Handicare 1100 features a multi-drive system keeps the stairlift operating at peak performance all the time, in the unlikely event of a motor issue you have three others to safely transport you up or down the stairs. Power outage? No need to worry, the batteries in the 1100 have enough power for at least 10 rides up and down the stairs.
  2.  Intuitive braking system – Your always in control of the drive. If an obstacle stands in their way, the Handicare multiple safety sensors will automatically halt the stairlift, and in the event of the unexpected, an easily accessible emergency stop bottom is always in reach. Plus, Handicare designed the 1100 series to eliminate the abrupt stops at the end of a ride that plague many stairlifts on the market.
  3. Automatic swivel seat – A stairlift is pointless if you can’t get in and out of the seat safely. Once you reach your destination, your loved one can hold the user-friendly toggle switch in the direction of the landing to easily turn the seat 80 degrees for a more controlled departure.
  4. Retractable seatbelt – For maximum safety, stair lifts come equipped with a retractable seat belt that can be adjusted to fit most body sizes. Simple to do and undo, the belt provides added security when safely seated in the stairlift.
  5. Safer footrests – All models feature anti-slip footrests with a textured grip to provide greater traction when you sit in or rise from your seat. 

Discover the safety features of a Stairlift today!

Twenty-five percent of adults age 65 and older have an ambulatory disability that makes climbing stairs difficult, if not impossible. Yet, if they need to get to a bedroom or bathroom on the second floor or require something from the basement, many seniors will risk their safety to get to where they want to be.

With a Handicare Stairlift from Lambert’s Health Care, you have the assistance you need to move around in your home safely while still providing the independence every person wants. For more information on the Stairlifts, visit our website or give us a Call at 865-686-7670 to schedule your FREE Home Estimate by a certified Lambert’s Health Care Technician.

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