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Lambert’s Health Care is committed to helping individuals remain in their homes, active in their communities, and with their loved ones.   For chronic conditions, recovery from recent surgery or injuries, whether for long term or short term needs, Lambert’s home medical equipment enables one to heal, recover, and/or maintain independence and live a higher quality of life. A vast selection of medical products and disposable supplies are available for you.  Lambert’s bills most insurances, and the medical staff will happily discuss your covered options and how best to meet your needs. 

Lambert's offers a convenient rental program for many of the medical equipment items. To learn more about Lambert's Rental Program, click here. For information regarding Lambert’s home medical equipment services, home deliveries, and speedy repairs, please visit the corresponding links at the bottom of the page.

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Home Enhancement

Home Enhancement Simple home modifications can really make a difference on your ability to live safely and comfortably in your home. Through home adaptations, you can drastically improve how you maneuver about in your home, increase independence, and keep from having to move elsewhere to accommodate your needs. Lambertís offers a variety of items that enhance your home environment.

The stairs from the garage door into the house will no longer be problematic with ramps that provide a smooth transition from one plane to another. If going up a flight of stairs is where you have trouble, Lambertís offers stair-lifts that enable you to safely be carried from one floor of your home to the next. Stair-lifts are custom-made to fit any stairwell, including those with curves and with intermediate landings.

For those who enjoy a bath but have trouble getting into and out of the bathtub, Lambertís offers Walk-In Tubs. You may have seen these on the HGTV remodeling shows. With these tubs, you can actually open a door on the side of the tub, walk in, shut the door (which becomes an airtight seal), and relax as the warm water quickly fills the tub. For added luxury, some models also offer hydraulic jets. Other home modifications can be as simple as adding grab-bars to the area in and around your bathtub to provide more stability.

Please call to set up an appointment to evaluate your home environment and decide which options would work best for you. Lambertís has a preferred contractor list of local contractors that work around your schedule when installing. For more information, call either of the Lambertís locations.

Mobility & Assistive Technology

Mobility & Assistive TechnologyIncreased mobility plays a critical role in keeping individuals active and independent. A variety of unique personal situations may require the assistance of a mobility enhancer, and Lambertís Assistive Technology Support (ATS) Department is available as a community resource to answer questions about how mobility products will meet each personís needs. The ATS Department focuses on long-term solutions when meeting the individual mobility needs of its customers. Team members have extensive backgrounds in dealing with these specialty products and strive to improve the quality of life for the patient now and in the future. Lambertís also employs ATS-certified technicians, a certification offered exclusively by the nationally acclaimed Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). The specialists in the ATS Department coordinate with the physician and/or therapists regarding the patientís equipment needs, perform assessments on the home environment, and take into consideration each patientís expected/desired activity level. After performing this assessment and coordinating with the physician, Lambertís staff will then work closely with you to prepare your equipment order for assembly and any special adjustments. Health care providers are welcome to ask for a Lambertís mobility specialist to come to their facility and educate staff on Lambertís ability to meet the needs of their patients. Individuals are also welcome to call or come by either of Lambertís retail locations to arrange to meet one of our mobility specialists and discuss their specific needs.

From canes and crutches to custom power wheelchairs, Lambertís is able to accommodate oneís needs. Beautifully designed rollabout walkers are available in floral prints, bright colors, and metallic paint. You will also find an assortment of wheelchair accessories available to satisfy your needs such as wheelchair arm-mounted tabletops, anti-tipping bars, and oxygen tank holders.

Lambert's offers a convenient rental program for mobility products. To learn more about Lambert's Rental Program, click here.

Please view the Lambertís Online Product Catalog for more information on the variety of mobility-enhancing products Lambertís offers.

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom SafetyAs many have experienced, the bathroom is a hot zone for falls and injuries in the home. Over 70% of all accidents in the home occur in the bathroom. Bathroom safety products are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to provide secure assistance in the bathroom while blending into the surrounding fixtures and look of the bathroom. New innovations from companies such as Homecare by Moen offer stylish products in brushed steel, aluminum, and designer finishes. Bathroom safety products are lightweight and easy to install in oneís existing bathroom. From grab bars and shower benches to raised commode seats, Lambertís has what you need to make your bathroom safe.

For those who wish to experience the luxurious feel of a jet-powered Jacuzzi bathtub without climbing over the high edge on a conventional tub, Lambertís offers a Walk-In bathtub. This tub enables one to walk through a door into the tub with ease, sit, and shut the door (which becomes airtight). The tub quickly fills with warm water, set to the individualís desired temperature. Lambertís partners with licensed contractors for easy bathroom installation. For more information on the styles of Walk-In tubs, contact Lambertís at (800) 669-1103.

Please view the Lambert’s Online Product Catalog/ Bathroom Safety for more information on the variety of bathroom safety products Lambert’s offers.

Lift Devices

Lift DevicesLift devices are available for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory individuals. Seat lift chairs work well for those who are ambulatory and have difficulty getting into and out of their standard chair. These lift chairs are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. An easy-to-use, flexible, electronic hand control enables the user to raise, lower, and in certain models recline the chair to his/her desired level. Stair lifts are also available for those having difficulty ascending and descending stairs. These lifts carry the patient from one floor to another in a house comfortably. While not in use, the seat folds up to allow plenty of room for others to use the stairway. For those unable to walk or get out of bed on their own, a hydraulic patient lift is available to be used to get them up and down easily by their caregiver. Hydraulic patient lifts are manually operated by the caregiver and are also available with commode seat openings in the seat to easily allow transfers from the chair to the commode chair.

Please view the Lambert’s Online Product Catalog for more information on the variety of lift devices Lambert’s offers.

Hospital Beds

Hospital BedsSemi-electric hospital beds provide assistance to people needing to change position in a way not feasible in an ordinary bed. Hand-controlled wands allow the individual to make adjustments to the bed without the assistance of another person. The hand control raises the head and/or foot of the bed. Separately, one may also manually adjust total height changes to the bed at the foot of each bed. All beds are provided with a mattress and full-length side rails. Other bed coverings and special attachments such as trapeze bars or over bed traction units are also available for the treatment and prevention of various medical conditions.

Lambert's offers a convenient rental program for hospital beds. To learn more about Lambert's Rental Program, click here.

Please view the Lambertís Online Product Catalog for more information on the variety of hospital beds Lambertís offers.

Wound Care Mattresses

Wound Care MattressesWound care prevention & treatment mattresses provide bedding and seating pressure reduction and pressure relief for the bed-confined patient. Products are designed to treat each level of skin & breakdown risk as well as each stage of existing wounds and skin breakdown. Special products include everything from simple comfort 2-inch foam overlays to highly sophisticated hospital grade Low Air Loss Therapy Mattresses. For patients suffering from hard to heal decubitus ulcers, no other therapy provides more relief and opportunity for healing than these state of the art Low Air Loss Therapy Mattresses. Lambertís offers several models with varying features depending on the need of the patient.

Please view the Lambert’s Online Product Catalog for more information on the variety of hospital beds Lambert’s offers.

Medical Supplies

Medical SuppliesLambertís offers many types of medical supplies covering a wide range of patient needs. Medical supplies ranging from orthotic wrist splits to walker tip replacements are available in Lambertís retails stores; many items can also be special-ordered from a variety of manufacturers.

  • Compression Hose
  • Aids to Daily Living
  • Softgoods & Orthotics
  • Wound Care Items
  • Latex & Non-Latex Gloves
  • Reachers
  • Incontinence Supplies
  • TENS Units
  • Personal Care Items
  • Diagnostic Equipment

Lambert’s is able to set up auto-shipment to your home for certain supplies that you may routinely use each month.  Shipments can be set up conveniently for you on an auto-ship or a Lambert’s auto-call basis.  Items eligible for auto-call/auto-ship arrangement are:  CPAP Supplies and Masks, Underpads, Diapers, Cleansers, and Air Fresheners. For more information, contact our in store customer service department for details

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