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Stair Lifts

Confidently travel between the floors of your home with stair lifts by Sterling Stairlifts.

Walk-in Tubs

Experience luxurious, safe bathing walk-in tubs with Safety Tubs.

Like many Americans, you may be looking for ways to modify your home to adapt to yours or a loved one's changing physical needs. Home modifications increase the functionality of your home, offer a peace of mind and increased safety, and provide a valuable, economical alternative to less desirable institutional settings. Proactive, preventative measures like adding a stair lift or walk in tub are great investments to ensure that you can remain in your home long-term. According to a recent study by AARP, 89% of people want to remain in their homes as long as possible. Let us help you make that goal come true by working together to develop solutions to your home safety challenges. Our professionally trained staff at Lambert's will help you transform your home environment to enable you to remain in the home you love, independently.

Stair Lifts | Walk-in Tubs

Stair Lifts

Do you find yourself struggling with the stairs in your home or avoiding them all together? You can gain full, safe access to your home with stair lifts. A stair lift provides effortless and safe transitions between the different floors of your home. It also reduces wear and tear on your knees, ankles, and hips, lessens limitations due to arthritis and muscular disease, and prevents falls. With both curved and straight units available, Lambert's can accommodate your home's requirements and provide you with a stylish, reliable lift to help you confidently increase your mobility and fully utilize every level of your home.


We offer several different models of stair lifts to accommodate a variety of needs. As an authorized dealer for Sterling Stairlifts, Lambert's trained staff can work with you to select the most appropriate model for your specific circumstances and environment. However, all models have the following core features:

  • Stairlift 1 Small
  • Stairlift 2 Small
  • Stairlift 3 Small
  • Stairlift 4 Small
  • Stairlift 5 Small
  • Stairlift 6 Small
  • Stairlift 7 Small
  • Stairlift 8 Small


  • Stairlift 1
  • Stairlift 2
  • Stairlift 3
  • Stairlift 4
  • Stairlift 5
  • Stairlift 6
  • Stairlift 7
  • Stairlift 8
  • Powered by battery, ensuring usage even in the event of a power outage;
  • Equipped with safety sensors, designed to stop the lift if it meets any obstruction;
  • Operated by a switch or toggle that is easily tilted in the desired direction, enabling people with limited dexterity or arthritis to still safely operate it;
  • Accessorized with a remote control to bring the lift to the top or bottom to meet the user;
  • Folded up when not in use to maximize space on the stairwell;
  • Fitted to a track on your staircase (not the wall), allowing your lift to travel along the track;
  • Furnished with a seat belt for increased user safety;
  • Equipped with an easily accessible key switch to prevent unauthorized usage and disable the lift

Stair Lifts: Overview

How Stair Lifts Work: Safety Features


Since each stair lift is custom made to fit a stairwell, Lambert's first sends a trained technician to your home to conduct an assessment. Factors like the length and width of your staircase, its rise and tread, lift position (right/left), and outlet requirements are some of the elements the technicians look at during this process to ensure that your model fits seamlessly into your space. This home evaluation is free for Knox County residents; surrounding counties can call to find out if a nominal fee will be applied. The estimate will include both the unit cost and that of installation. For financing options, please refer to the FAQ on available loans and financial assistance available.

Installation & Support

After measurements are taken and the order placed for your customized stair lift, Lambert's will set up an appointment convenient for you to complete the installation process. A team of experienced, trained Lambert's technicians will install your stair lift in less than one day, and the unit will be fully operational and ready for use..


Lambert's stands behind its work and honors all manufacturer's warranties.

To learn more about modifying your home, contact Lambert's at 800-669-1103 or send us a message


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  • What loans and financial assistance is available?
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  • Are stair lifts easy to care for?
  • How much space does a stair lift use?
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  • Why shouldn't I buy a stair lift off of the Internet since they are often cheaper?
  • What do stair lifts cost?

Walk-in Tubs


Walk-in tubs are the perfect blending of aesthetic beauty and medical functionality. Several health groups have suggested the use of hydraulic therapy for different ailments, citing it:

  • Eases muscle strain
  • Reduces arthritis pain
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps mild colds
  • Reduces ear and throat inflammation
  • Helps varicose veins
  • Reduces hemorrhoid
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Relieves kidney and intestinal pain


Lambert's offers a variety of tub choices from two of the leading tub manufacturers, Safety Tubs and DCE Tubs. Each brand of tubs have their own unique attributes that may be more appropriate depending on your preferences and needs, but they all share some of the basic core features:

  • Tub1 Small
  • Tub2 Small
  • Tub3 Small
  • Tub4 Small
  • Tub5 Small
  • Tub6 Small
  • Tub7 Small
  • Tub8 Small


  • Tub 1
  • Tub 2
  • Tub 3
  • Tub 4
  • Tub 5
  • Tub 6
  • Tub 7
  • Tub 8
  • Lifetime guarantee on the seal, insuring that the tub will not leak;
  • Tax exempt with a physician's prescription;
  • Quick-fill and quick-drain system to minimize time filling/emptying the tub;
  • Option of air or Jacuzzi massage;
  • Holds up to 70 gallons of water

Overview of Walk in Tubs

How Walk-In Tubs Work: Features & Design

How Walk-In Tubs Work: Quick Drain System


Since most people opt to install a walk-in tub into their existing bathroom, the costs for installation vary depending on how much needs to be done to prepare the space for the walk-in tub, remove the old unit, and modify plumbing and electrical work as needed. Lambert's has a list of preferred third-party contractors for you to choose from who are experienced in installing our tubs; alternately you can hire an outside contractor of your choice. These contractors should be able to give you an estimate to prep and install a walk-in tub after surveying the bathroom. We recommend that you speak with a contractor before placing your order so that you can be sure you order the right dimensions, accessories, and are aware of the total cost of your remodel.


Once you order your tub and related accessories, Lambert's will ship it to your house. You will need to separately coordinate with a contractor for all installation arrangements.

To learn more about modifying your home, contact Lambert's at 800-669-1103 or send us a message
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